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Beans, pulses, legumes beans peas, lentils garbanzo beans, chickpeas are in the same family of vegetables. There are over 1000 species of legumes only. Beans have been discovered in 5,000 year old settlements in Eastern Mediterranean and Mesopotamia, in Hungarian caves, Egyptian pyramids, Britain, Switzerland and even in some parts of old Peruvian Indians territory. Also the ancient Middle Eastern and East Indian civilizations knew the advantages of beans. Beans have their origins in wild lentils that can still be found in Turkey, India and some Middle Eastern countries. Peas, chickpeas and lentils are grown and consumed mainly in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa but of ground of new trends in food culture and healthier diets with the desire to use herbs and other seasonings, beans are becoming popular in some countries of the first world. Beans are low in fat and absorb the flavor of herbs and spices, which allows making them tasty to eat. Beans are also in many cultures the source of protein for people. Many nutrients in beans help to prevent heart diseases, obesity and even cancer. They are high in protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber and they are extremely low in fat. Beans include starch, fiber, iron calcium and minerals. Insoluble fiber found in beans speeds p the passage of food through the intestine and probably helps to prevent colon cancer. Soluble fiber stays as gel inside the digestive system of the human body and reduces the cholesterol levels and reduces the entry of sugar into blood. Potassium in beans is good for a regular heart beat and transfer of nutrients to cells. It helps also control water balance in the body and also regulates the blood pressure. The B Vitamins in beans are mainly thiamin, niacin, panthothenic acid and pyridoxine, which are good for healthy nerve cells and brain, for functioning of digestive system at chemical level and for skin disposition. In west countries, especially in the USA, long cooking beans are quite popular. But a good choice for your diet might be the India’s two moong dal favorites – yellow moong and black moong (urad dal). These beans are not only quick to cook, but also healthy and tasty and they have a low content of complex sugars which allows them to become wonder food for human bodies. I can only wish you good appetite.
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